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Dad never wear raincoat
Two unborn child in mothers womb,
saw a penis,
one told "look dad is coming"
other told "stupid, this is not dad, thats uncle..
dad never wear raincoat!"
A funny and dirty sms
Pathan was teaching his kid
how 2 masturbate..
Kid says - "this is gr8 fun dad!"
Pathan said - yes, n wen u get 13
u can use ur own cock
A dirty sms message
Monkeys and girls are same,
because they fight only for banana...

Boys and rats are same
because they always search new holes.
Papa raincoat nahi pahnta
A punjabi bra ad:
Har kudi di pehli pasand "soniya bra"
hun 6 size wich
4.oye hoye!
5.hai o rabba!
6.oh tei maa dee!
Dirty conversation between boy and girl
Boy : 2 times 2 is 4, plus 5 is nine,
I can pee in urs but u cant pee in mine.

grl : 2 times 2 is 4, plus 5 is nine,
I know ur length but ull nvr know the depth of mine.
Dirty sms about teacher and student
Tchr : pasive me badlo!
"bache jab sunsan jagao par jate he to hadso ko janam de hain"
stdnt : "sunsan jagao par huye haadse bacho ko janam dete hain"
70 way to keep a woman happy - a dirty sms
There are 70 ways to keep a woman happy.

One is to take her shopping.

The rest is 69
Bengali non veg sms about NANO
Ratan(tata) bole- dekhun didi ei j amar nano, didi bole bhalo tobe eto choto keno? Ratan bole choto holeo ache darun dom, Didi bole chepe dekhbo sotti kirokom.
Bhagwan ko khusi kab hota hain
Q. Bhagwan kab khus ho jate hain
A. Jab koi ladki rape ho rahi ho or o chikhti hain,
plz bhagwan ke liye chhod do..
Naughty boy draws penis
Naughty boy draws a penis on the black board.
Lady teacher rubs it off.
Next day he draws a bigger one & writes:
'jitna ragdogi utna bada hoga...'
Funny adult sms about male and female
May times, ppl say that d women species talk too much

but dere's no problem, bcoz d male ear is selective


wen d women say:
this house is a mess, honey
U n I need 2 clean this
Ur stuff is all on d floor
U will b without clothes
If u don't wash them NOW

The male ear only understand:

bla bla bla, honey
bla bla bla, U n I
bla bla bla, on the floor
bla bla bla, without clothes
bla bla bla, NOW!!

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