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Its the time to send some romantic kiss messages, kiss sms, sayings and quotes to your loved ones on a special day, or on any other day to make the day special and to make them feel the warmth of your heart.
100% succesful
if a=1, b=2, c=3, and so on....
it is our ATTITUDE towards life and work that makes our life 100% successful
A cool sms about love and time
"Waqt or pyar"
Dono zindagi me khas hota hain..
Waqt kisi ka nahi hota
or pyar har kisi se nahi
A cool sms about sacrifice
Its not hard to sacrifice sumthng 4 sum 1
but its hard to find sum 1 who deserves ur sacrifice
A cool sms in hindi
Agar kisi k pass sub kuch ho to duniya jalti hay,
Agar kuch na ho to duniya hansti hay,

Meray paas aap k liyay sirf "DUA" hai,
Jis k liyay sari duniya tarasti hay,
A cool sms about addiction
Height of Addiction :
just b4 a prisoner's execution the officer
asked him abt his last wish
He told :
"Dude! I wanna update my facebook status"
A cool sms about cigarette and girl
Light of wisdom :

I trust on cigarette more than a girl..!!


i can afford 2 damage my lungs
but not my heart!!!
A cool sms about life
A lot of things go unquestioned, Al ot of Questions go unanswered, A Few words go unsaid, Few go a unheard, Some r born dead, Thats Life!!
A cool text message
Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet the person, we will know how to be grateful.
A cool text message
Nice people r like wind,
u nvr know vot dey hv in deir heart but
u can alwayz feel deir persence.
dont luk here n dere 2 find dem,
luk in the mirror
A cool sms
Beautiful Pictures are Devolped
from Negatives in a Dark Room.
So, if U see Darkness in ur Life
be sure that God is making
a Beautiful Picture 4 U! :)
A cool friendship sms
In this WORLD,
where everything seems UNCERTAIN,
only one thing is DEFINITE.

You'll always be my FRIEND,
beyond WORDS, beyond TIME
beyond DISTANCE!
A cool message
Always draw a circle
around the ones you love,

never draw a heart because
hearts can be broken,

but circles are never ending.
A cool saying
In life when you get troubles,
don't get nervous..
Just close your eyes and follow ur heart..
becoz heart may be in left...
but it is always right
A cool reply
Someone ask me to describe u
in two words he expect me
to answer The Best but i did not answer
i just smiled and
said No Comparison
Coolest words
5 greatest words : I dnt wanna lose U.
4 pleasant words : I care for U.
3 sweet words : I love U.
2 wonderful words : Miss U.
1 most important word : "U"
A cool sms about smile

Today she was asking me your details.
I gave her your cell number.
she will be visiting u soon.

Her name is

I think she came just now!
How rich you are - a cool sms message
Whenever u want
to know how rich u r?
Don't count ur money!
just drop a tear &
look around at the
number of hands that
reach out to wipe your tears
Vacancy Available - a sweet sms message
Vacancy available
post = true friend
Ability = (loving & caring)
Experience= (not required)
Duty = (two sms daily)
Salary= (never ending love)

To Apply.. Send a sweet SMS
Future is something u must create
Future is Not something U Await!
It is something U Must Create!
Plan ur Future in Advance coz thts where
U will Spend the Rest of ur Life!
Aim in life - cool message
Ur aim in life shud b 54321..
Shockd !!
I mean...

5- Five digit salary
4- Four wheeler vehicle
3- Three room flat
2- Two cute children
1- One sweetheart
Wonderful couples
in this

Heart & Beats..
Night & Moon..

Music & Songs..
Roses & Loves..

Fish & Water..

Your SMILE.. :-)

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