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Why girls are beautiful
Why do girls look beautiful?
is it real or due to make up?
all false
Girls look beautiful because
boys have good IMAGINATION
A nice flirt text message
call, if i m cute
miss call, if i m gorgeous
Text back if i m pretty
Text a joke if i m charming
Just ignore if u r jealous
Teasing Flirt Message
1. Throw stone on mirror.
2. Take mirror and just drop it.
3. You just go and stand before the mirror and smile.
Think of me - a Flirt Message
Think Big,
Think Smart,
Think Positive,
Think Beautiful,
just Stop?
It's too long for you.
So, in short "Just Think About Me".
Love is illusion - a flirt saying
Love is an illusion!
Its a highly dependency disorder
of weak hearted people..
People with strong hearts
believe in FLIRTING :p
A Flirt Text Message
A - u r Attractive
B - u r the Best
C - u r Cute
D - u r Dear 2 Me
E - u r Excellent
F - u r Funny
G - u r Good-Looking
H - Hehehe
I - I'm
A Cute Flirt Sms
whenever u feel sadness in your HEART,
blackness in your EYES,
paleness on your FACE,
fragrance in your body, it shows u are suffering lack of vitamin "ME".
A Funny Flirt Sms
Today, tomorrow and forever
there will be one heart
that would always beat for you.
You know whose?
Hey, your own stupid.
A Flirt Text Message
Today is International Handsome Boys
and Beautiful Girls day!
So send this message to someone
who looks smart and cute..
Be true.. Don't cheat like me
A naughty and dirty flirt saying
difference between good girls
and very good girls.
Good girls open few buttons
when environment is hot.
Very good girls open all buttons
to make environment hot
A funny flirty message
Last night some Monkeys came running to my room.
They wanted to trouble good people...
I suggested ur name.
They said Oh!!! No we cant disturb our Boss...
A Flirt Poem
God made daylight n called it the SUN.
God made entertainment n called it FUN.
God made nightlight n called it the MOON.
God made U n called CARTOON.
Missing the joker - A Flirt Poem
Could u fax me ur photo very very urgently? Mind u -
it's really very very urgent, damn serious and very imp
.... I'm playing cards and we've misplaced the JOKER
Teasing sms message
What is the difference between Monkey & Donkey ?
Monkey will save this message
& Donkey will delete this message.Choice is urs........
Teasing text sms
u r many kolometres away frm me.
still i m watching ur every move thru 3 different channels
2.cartoon network
3.animal planet
Romantic flirt massage
I want
To be with u In a nice Restaurent
To have a candle light dinner... and
to say those sweet 3 words to U...
"Pay The Bill"
A funny flirt sms message
Do u know whats A B C D E F G?
A Boy Can Do Everything For Girl
Now reverse da order, can u guess the full form of: G F E D C B A ?
Girls Forgets Everything Done & Catches(new) Boy Again.
A flirty text message
if u read this, i m smart....
if u save this, u agree i m smart..
if u 4ward this, u r spreadin that i m smart..
if u delete this u r jealous...
A flirty text message
2days weather 4cast:
it wud b cloudy if u frown, rainy if u cry,
clear if ur happy, sunny if u smile &
stormy if u sing!

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