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One hundred percent
Patient : What are the chances
of my recovering doctor?

Doctor : One hundred percent.
Medical records show that
nine out of ten people die of the disease you have.

Yours is the tenth case I've treated. The others all died.
Sun of Moon
Teacher : Which is more important to us,
the sun or the moon?
Pupil : The moon.

Teacher : Why?
Pupil : The moon gives us light at night
when we need it but the sun gives us light
only in the day time when we dont need it.
A funny coversation
beta-5 rupey de do
papa-kya karega
beta-mere sare frnds ka account hai mai bhi khulwaunga
papa-very good. kaha pe?
beta-cigratte ki dukan pe
active to passive - funny jokes
Tchr : passive me badlo,
"Bache jab sunsan jaga par jate hain to hadso ko janam dete hain"
Stdnt : "sunsan jaga par huye haadso se bacho ka janam hota hain"
Funny but truth
Y boys n girls dnt understand each othr?
God : coz i gave good brains 2 boys n good heart to girls,
bt boys use their heart n girls their brains..!!
A man on his death time
one kanjus on his death time
my wife where r u
wife= yes i'm here
kanjus-my sons r u all here
yess papa
to fir us room me pankha q on hai.
Funny T-shirt Quote
Best quote on a girl's T-shirt :
In front - "I M Virgin"
On back - "This is my old T-shirt"
Keep sending sms

Human=Gadha + sms
Human - Sms = Gadha
proves that human without sending sms = Gadha
Little girl and shopkeeper
lil girl went 2 shop and asked
"jb m badi ho jaungi mujse sadi kroge?"
shopkeeper : "Ha kyun nahi"
lil girl : to apni hone wali wife ko 1 chocolate v nhi doge
Little kid and math
Letter by a little kid who hates math..
Dear math please grow up n solve ur own problems
dont depend on others
Funny jokes about lipstick and fevistick
Dad : beta, why ur sister sitting so silent?
Son : Nothing dad sister asked lipstick
but I gave fevistick thats all
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Kripya khudko pehchan ne ke liye 3 our 6 fir se dohraye
Bina kapdo ke
Log aapne kapdo ke style p kitna paisa barbad karta hain,
jabki zindgi k sabse hasin lamhe bina kapdo k guzar jate hain
A funny sms about facebook addiction
Height of Addiction :
just b4 a prisoner's execution the officer
asked him abt his last wish
He told :
"Dude! I wanna update my facebook status"
A funny sms about cockroach
2 cockroach ICU mein ek dusre ke bagal me admit tha,
1st cockroach (sympathy k sath) bola

"kya baygon se?"
2nd : "nehi re, paragon se.."
Itni badi car kayse khayega
Sonu : kyu be, kaha ja raha hain?
Monu : yaar 'karkhane' ja raha hu..
Sonu : abe saale ullu banata hain..
itni badi Car tu kaise Khayega?
Height of "Ohh Shit"
Height of "Ohh Shit" like situation..
A guy takes a blade n write his girlfriend's name
on his forearm and?

makes a spelling mistake...
Women are like computers
Women are like computers.
As soon as u commit 2 one, u realize that,
if u had waited a little longer
u could have had a better model..
Wife and husband - funny sms
Wife:What is 10 years with me?
Husband:A second.
Wife:What is 1000 for me?
Husband:A coin.
Wife: Ok give me a coin.
Husband:Wait a second
A Funny inside doctor's clinic
Two children were sitting outside a clinic. One of them was crying very loudly.
2nd Child: Why are you crying?
1st Child: I came here for a blood test.
2nd Child: So? Are you afraid?
1st Child: No. For the blood test, they cut my finger.
At this, the second one started crying profusely.
The first one was astonished.
1st Child: Why are you crying now?

2nd Child: I came for a urine test !

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