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Tears are the silent language
Tears Are The Silent Language of Love:
When The Tears Come with Reason,
Means You Got Some Problem.
When Tears Come Without Reason,
Means You Are Missing SOMEONE.
I look for you to say "I miss you"
Small things not always small
A rain drop look too small
somewhere a thirsty flower wait for its fall.
A small sms may seen small to you
its mean someone somewhere remembers you.
I feel jealous of my heart
Sometimes My eyes get jealous of my Heart!!!
You Know Why?
You Always Remain close to my HEART
and far from my EYES.
Whenever I miss you
Whenever I miss You,
I wont look for you in my dreams
or try to hear your voice in your messages.
I just put my right hand across my chest and feel you!
Just to be with you
I would cross a thousand oceans
just to hold you tight.
I would climb a thousand mountains
just to be with you every single night.
Darling I miss you so much.
Heart feels pain when there is no reply from you
My hands never pain
when typing message for you..!
But my heart always in pain,
when there is no reply from you…!
Keep contacting me
Your sms is part of my Heart.
Your miss call is beat of my heart.
Your call is blood circulation of my heart.
So keep contacting me and keep active my heart.
Upside down
Last nite I wanted to rite u a letter
but all I cud rite was...

"noh ss!w !"

It didnt made sense until u read it
upside down...
I miss you my sweet heart
when the sky looks blue...i miss u
when the dreams come true ...i miss u
when the flowers covered with dew...i miss u
when the day is new... I MISS U
I'll miss you forever
Today i miss u
Yesterday i missed u.
Don't worry about tomorrow, i ll always miss u,
and that is a promise.
Miss U Forever.
Doctor told that I'll die if I dont stop missing you
I m in casualty now;
dont say i didn't tell u.
After 5 mnts , i'll b transferred 2 ICU.
Doctor told me that i'll die if
i dont stop MISSING U
You are the one I miss
Even without seeing u,
even without smilling with u,
even without joking with u,
i'll never fail to remember u,
coz u're the one i miss & desire
Missing you so much
I mis u when I laugh and cry,
bcoz I know that u r the only one who
makes my laughter grow and my tears
Missing u soooooooo much my sweet heart
How I miss you
no words i write can ever say
how much i miss you everyday.
as time goes by the loneliness grows,
how i miss you... nobody knows.
A simple sms make you think of me
An simple Bye make us cry,
A simple Joke make us laugh,
simple Care make us fall in love.
I hope my simple SMS make you think of me.
I Miss U
If you miss a person
If you miss
a person whom
you loved so much its your

but incase you
give a chance to miss
a person who loved
you so much its your

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